Giants Causeway


The Giant’s Causeway is the most popular tourist attraction of Northern Ireland.

Legend says that the Giant’s Causeway was created by Finn MacCool during a fight with a Scottish giant Benandonner.  Finn MacCool pushed the giant columns into the ocean bed to create a sturdy causeway to Scotland so the Scottish giant had no excuse not to come and fight him.

Scientifically, the Causeway was formed 50-60 million years as a result of a volcanic eruption and consists of 40,000 columns of layered basalt that extend out to sea.



A brand new Visitor Centre has recently opened and is both eco and carbon footprint friendly.  The new energy efficient building has interactive exhibitions for all the family to enjoy.  Pocket size audio guides are available in a variety of languages and for the visually impaired.  The centre also has a coffee shop and gift shop with exclusive local produce on sale.

The Causeway provides access for visitors with disabilities and an accessible path for pushchairs and guided tours can be arranged for groups of 15 people or more.


This World Heritage Site and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty located on the North Antrim coast is just half a mile up the road from the Ballylinny Cottages and 3 miles from the town of Bushmills.


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